CMIC Travel Agency specializes in creating exquisite and luxury vacations, delivering exceptionally indulgent experiences wherever life takes you. We work with couples, families, small groups, solo and business travelers, and ONLY, works with well known worldwide luxury Hotels and Resorts, staying away from booking accommodations under 4 STARS category.

CMIC Travel Considers the following when referring and booking our guests to Hotels or Resorts around the world.

Room Comfort.

We want our guests to feel comfortable, relaxed after a long travel or sightseeing. Comfort can be provided through amenities such as comfortable beds, quality linens and updated furniture, and a generally pleasant in-room atmosphere. Additionally, our main goal is for our guests to feel secure and safe in their hotel, so it is important that a hotel provide adequate security measures, such as key card-activated door locks on both hotel buildings and individual hotel rooms.

Hotel Location

Don't be so quick to book the cheapest hotel that you find before checking the location. Be sure to use Google Maps, reviews, and forums to determine if the hotel is in a central location. Uber, taxi, and train costs can add up.

You can even use Google street view to gauge the safety and appearance of the area


One of the most important aspects of any hotel is its cleanliness. Guests want to know that the room they're staying in is free of dirt, dust and germs. They also want to be sure that the common areas, such as the lobby and the bathrooms, are kept clean and tidy. Nobody wants to stay in a dirty location.


Review both hotel AND customer photos before booking a hotel. You should review a variety of photos, but it's really important to review photos of the bedroom specifically. You can even use street view photos on Google maps to see if the area looks safe.

Friendly, Helpful and Smiling Staff

A smile is important in hospitality because it helps create a welcoming and positive atmosphere for guests. When hospitality staff greet guests with a smile, it can make them feel more comfortable, valued, and appreciated.

Quality Reviews on Trusted Sites

Reviews give consumers an insight into the quality of the hotel, its services, furniture's quality, amenities, food and Restaurant quality, staff, and location. They can also provide information on any potential issues with the hotel, such as noise levels, cleanliness, and safety. t's extremely important to thoroughly check reviews before booking a place to stay. Read through details and profiles to ensure that reviews are authentic. I'd recommend reading 5-10 reviews before booking. This will help you find out more information about customer service, cleanliness, overall atmosphere, common complaints, and more.

Hotel and Facilities.

Bath amenities play an important role in creating a luxurious and comfortable experience for hotel guests. A well-stocked bathroom with high-quality toiletries not only enhances the overall stay but also leaves a lasting impression on the guests


Amenities such as spas, restaurants, pools and hot tubs are very important to hotel guests, as they are often the deciding factor in whether a guest chooses to stay at a particular hotel or not.

Hotel Toiletries and Facilities

Bath amenities play an important role in creating a luxurious and comfortable experience for hotel guests. A well-stocked bathroom with high-quality toiletries not only enhances the overall stay but also leaves a lasting impression on the guests

The Size of The Hotel Room

Many guests complaining about room sizes on review sites, it does make a difference to your travel experience.

Room Type

Different people have different preferences from smoking or non-smoking rooms.

Special Needs

Some travelers have special hotel needs. For example, if you're traveling with a pet, you will need to get a pet-friendly hotel. Or if you're someone with a physical disability, you will need a hotel that provides a lift or an elevated toilet seat. Safety is always key when traveling, so look out for facilities you require when checking out a hotel.

The good thing is, you can find many hotels that offer such facilities, even for company events and conferences.

Luggage Storage

This one is very important too, as some people will come to their destination earlier than the hotel's check-in time. If the hotel offers the luggage storage facility, we can easily put all of our luggages in the luggage storage and explore your holiday destination without having to worry about the safety of your luggage.

Parking Costs

People often forget about parking costs, even when they bring their own car for the trip.

Check the Cancellation Policy.

When you book a Hotel or Rental Property in advance it is important to Check the Cancellation Policy. good cancellation Policy could save MONEY, Time, and Frustration if your travel plans change

For CMIC Travel, All of these elements combine to make a great hotel experience, one that will keep guests coming.

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