Do you seek something educational? Are you of the Christian faith? Then you should consider visiting the Holy Land Experience in Orlando, Florida!
The Holy Land Experience is a themed exhibit and a museum located in Orlando, Florida that is meant to replicate the architecture and themes of 1st century Israel. The attraction is targeted at Christians.Not only is the Holy Land Experience historical, but it is also inspirational, theatrical, and educational. It is a truly unique themed park among the many other attractions found in the Orlando area.

CMIC travel specializes in Land and cruise tours. CMIC travel offer two, three and up to seven nights trip to Orlando Florida. Bringing you the thrilling Holy Land experience, plus several more exciting Orlando attractions. The Holy Land Theme Park is truly one-of-a-kind, bringing bible stories to life and helping you experience the life and times of Jesus Christ. Visitors express being profoundly moved by various aspects of the Holy Land theme park, and the entire Orlando experience is perfect for your group. Take a closer look at this tour below and discover all the attractions that make it so exciting.

From the moment you pass through the gates of the "walled city," you will be engulfed in ancient Jerusalem. The structures and exhibits at The Holy Land Experience characterize the style, the architecture and the settings that existed in the Holy Land two thousand years ago. The Garden Tomb, the Qumran Caves, The Plaza of the Nations, the Temple of the Great King, the Jerusalem Model and the Wilderness Tabernacle are intricately detailed, both inside and out, to provide you with a clearer understanding of their biblical significance. The Holy Land Experience has both indoor and outdoor activities to enjoy. Prepare yourself to enjoy the beautiful Florida sunshine and comfortable air-conditioned, indoor presentations. They allow you to take pictures, so bringing your camera is a MUST! There are a lot of sights you will want to record; and don't worry; they will have a good supply of film, videotape and disposable cameras just in case you forget something.

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Our "Israel Tours" page includes all available up-to-date tours to Israel. CMIC travel is backed with many years of Israel tourism experts, offering Jewish Heritage Tours to Israel, Christian Tours to Israel and Classic Israel Tours. CMIC travel can customize your own tour to Israel for individuals and groups.
Hi, our names are Danik and Bruce and we would like to thank you for giving us an opportunity to bid on your next quote to Israel. Calls us for most available and affordable Israel Tours. (954) 323-2989
Something about sailing on the Sea of Galilee, walking the streets of Jerusalem, and viewing the empty tomb creates a deep change of heart and spirit. You can sense God's presence there.
When you visit Israel, God's Word becomes clearer, your faith becomes deeper, and your passion for Christ becomes stronger. We believe that once you visit Israel, you'll never be the same again!
The adventure begins with the advance planning of your trip and pilgrimage. By choosing the right tour operator, CMIC travel, you have selected a firm with many years of experience, a firm known for its reliability and the highest professional standards.
Every detail that you need to consider is thought of by CMIC travel . We will provide answers to the questions most often asked about traveling to the Land of the Bible.
Most of all, you'll discover why your biblical tour will be one that will leave people saying, "I'll never be the same again!"
Why Israel?
ISRAEL: A Special Place in Your Heart
By whichever route you approach Jerusalem, you are retracing the steps of pilgrims who have been making this journey for thousands of years..
King David's mountaintop capital is holy to the world's three monotheistic religions: Christianity, Islam and Judaism. In modern-day Jerusalem, the rich historical heritage of the holy city is interwoven with the vibrant tempo of Israel's contemporary capital.
Nowhere are the contrasts in Israel more apparent than in Jerusalem. The walls of the Old City and the malls of the New City. Roman Arches, Byzantine Moats, Crusader Walls and Ottoman Ramparts. Jerusalem is one big colorful mosaic.
ISRAEL: The Extra Dimension

There are many reasons why people are attracted to Israel from a wide variety of countries around the world. For some, it's the sun-drenched climate. For others, it's the rich variety of sites and sights -historical, archeological, religious or just plain beautiful. For still others, it's the fascinating contrast between the ancient and the modern.

At the same time, Israel is a modern country that combines a rich, illustrious history with a well-developed tourism infrastructure. Glorious beaches, bustling cities, nature reserves, health spas, religious shrines, shopping malls, artists' colonies and concerts in the park all abound.

Located on the eastern Mediterranean, the country is served by dozens of international airlines. And once you've arrived, the compact geography enables you to get from place to place in no time at all - by car, bus, train or plane.

With a tradition of making visitors feel welcome that goes back to Abraham and Biblical times, the friendly people of Israel await you. CMIC TRAVEL TOURS will make sure you have a superb visit. Whether you come for the sun, for the sights, for the religious shrines or for one of the hundreds of international conventions held in Israel each year, you will be captivated by this "old-new" country.


India, the land of diverse religions and customs is home to numerous religious and pilgrimage sites. Experience the holistic impression and religious fervor by embarking on India pilgrimage tours and vacations to the renowned pilgrimage and religious sites. There are numerous travel packages to well known pilgrimage and religious sites across the country and is its surroundings.

What is indubitably unique about India as a 'land of religions' is that it is the birthplace of several major world religions. Three-fourths of the people describe themselves as adherents of Hinduism, the oldest continuous faith in the world. Though today Hinduism has spread to all parts of the world, taken there by Indian migrants, Hinduism has, and will continue to have, an indelible association with India; and perhaps in no other case is the association between a faith and a land so close as it is with Hinduism. This religion produced a vast corpus of texts: pre-eminent among them have been the Rig Veda, the Upanishads, the Bhagavad Gita, the Ramayana, and the Bhagvata Purana; and the commentaries of Shankaracharya; modern-day classics include the Gospel of Sri Ramakrishna, the Gita-Rahasya of Tilak, and Conversations with Sri Ramana Maharishi.


Spiritual Tours in India are those that revolve around the holy Ganges River and the Hindu faith having numerous deities. It is said that one attains a state of unison with the almighty after visiting the various pilgrimages en-route the spiritual of India. These spiritual destinations include Hardwar, Rishikesh, Badrinath and Kedarnath (Char Dham) and other places like Gangotri and Yamunotri. The banks of river Ganga, the tranquil surroundings and the temples that strengthen your belief in God; this is what the spiritual tour at these places offers you.

Down in South India too spiritual tours of India are conducted for Rameshwaram, Mahabalipuram, Tirupati and other sacred pilgrim spots.

Not Only For Hindus, For Buddhist Religion follower Sarnath, Bodhgaya, Rajgir are the best option where as For the followers of Sikhism too there are many a destinations in India for the spiritual tours. Millions flock every year to visit the Golden temple in the amazing city of Amritsar.

For the Sikhs one of the most revered shrines in India is the Hemkund Sahib.

For the Christians the Goa tours are available. The tours of the churches of Goa are the best options for the spiritual tours in India.

Therefore, whenever you feel is the time to refresh and cleanse your body, mind and soul opt for a spiritual tour of India. India the land of the holy sages and spiritual gurus will ensure that you are reminded of your original roots and live in this World to make it a better place. Regardless of the spiritual tour that you would like to take the essence of all of the tours is the same - to love and to live in peace. So experience your body relaxing, you mind unwinding and your soul being blessed with the spiritual tours of India. We, CMIC travel Religious Tours - A Unit of Ulltimate Travels would love to customize your Spiritual Tour to India depending upon your interest. Please feel free to email us: for any further information / details. Our team of experts will be reverting back to you with details.

About The Ark

Ark Encounter features a full-size Noah's Ark, built according to the dimensions given in the Bible. Spanning 510 feet long, 85 feet wide, and 51 feet high, this modern engineering marvel amazes visitors young and old. Ark Encounter is situated in beautiful Grant County in Williamstown, Kentucky, halfway between Cincinnati and Lexington. (954) 323-2989

Have You Ever Wondered . . .

        How big was Noah's Ark?
        How did Noah fit all the animals?
        How did Noah feed and care for all the animals?
        How did Noah build the Ark?

We built the full-size Noah's Ark to answer these questions—and more! As you enter Noah's world aboard the massive Ark, you'll tour three decks filled with scores of world-class exhibit bays. These stunning exhibits allow you to experience what Noah's life may have been like.

Video :


In 1974 a young pastor, recently out of seminary, fulfilled his dream of visiting the Holy Land. When he returned home, he discovered that this trip made an impact on the way he preached and how he studied the Bible. The next year, the pastor returned to the Holy Land with a group from his church. He was amazed by the transformation that happened in the people that made the pilgrimage. He found that travelers returned and shared the Gospel more, volunteered more at Church, tithed Biblically, and were forever connected to each other because of their shared experience. It was out of this revelation that ETS was born.

That young Methodist Pastor, Dr. Jim Ridgway, made it his life's goal to bring as many clergy members as possible on these life-changing journeys. A dream that started in his garage has grown to be the world's largest provider of Christian Travel. In 2014 Dr. Ridgway passed, but ETS continues to further his dream.

To date, ETS has served thousands of pastors and churches throughout the U.S. and abroad. Many denominational leaders have seen the difference a tour to the Holy Land can make in their clergy members and have organized annual tours with ETS.

ETS has led over 350,000 people on Faith-Based trips in over 45 years of business. In addition to the Holy Land, ETS offers Faith Based cruises following the Journeys of Paul, Marriage and Women's retreats at sea, Fellowship cruises, European Tours, River Cruises, and more.

New Itinerary - Biblical Pathways | 2023


Join us on a 9-day Biblical Pathways journey starting at $2,998* from New York, NY on the dates below. You will see Bethlehem, Qumran, Dead Sea, Jericho, Galilee, Nazareth, Tel Megiddo, Caesarea, Jerusalem and much more!

Special experiences available during touring

Sound & Light Show
Travel to the Old City at night as the breathtaking story of Jerusalem unfolds on the walls of the Old City in an open-air theatre. Spanning creation to today, you'll experience an innovative show featuring an original soundtrack, lights, animation, and video to leave you with a fantastic memory under the stars.

Dinner with a Palestinian, Christian Family
Take part in a special evening and enjoy a dinner prepared by a Palestinian, Christian family. You'll travel to Bethlehem, where a local family will host you at their table and invite you into their lives. Discover the joy, trials, and everyday life over scrumptious food and riveting conversation with 5 - 10 of your fellow travelers.

Options will incur an additional charge, are available on select dates and conditions permitting, may require a minimum number of guests to operate, and have limited availability. Options are offered to the group's guests at the discretion of the tour host. Contact your travel advisor for more information. (954) 323-2989

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